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In summer 2017, I thought to myself, I’ll let you see what I’m doing in the studio and let the camera roll while I´m practising.

I thought, “Oh, I´d just do that 1 or 2 times, let’s see if anyone cares! :)”.
But the feedback and interest was much bigger than I ever thought. You have sent me messages with title requests and if I do this regularly, or where you can see it?

So I set up an extra playlist on my YouTube channel and started my own little project, Studio Friday!

At the beginning evrything was still quite simple with me putting headphones on and standing at the microphone, in the course of the project I developed some video editing skills and I think my videos turned out to be quite good for a beginner 🙂 With different backgrounds, neat outfit and other lighting 🙂

Meanwhile, the playlist includes 27 videos with a variety of titles you have wished for. There are songs like “Fell in love with an alien”, “Trinity”, “My way” or “Probiers mal mit Gemütlichkeit” from the jungle book. The last one became the favourite version of the Maulwurf-Kindergarden, so I did not miss the chance to sing it live at their opening. The kids are still listening to my version regularly 🙂

I even play some of the songs on my live program “Legends of Music” and I am pleased to say that the winter break is over and the Studio-Friday starts again in June 2018!

I hope that you participateas awesome as you did last year and I’m looking forward to your song suggestions and reactions! Do not be shy and just message me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or via email at

I´m looking forward to your ideas!




Here is a brief review of Studio Friday 2017:

Legends of Music

Legends of Music

Legends of Music – Tributeshow

Everything started in 2014 with my program “Legends of Music”. At my first appearance, I just had 7 songs prepared which were originally performed by Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. Now “Legends of Music” includes over 40 titles, including songs of Sinatra, Martin and Elvis, but also artists like Johnny Cash, Dusty Springfield, The Boxtops or Udo Jürgens are represented.

Although names such as Elvis and Sinatra let you think of imitators or doubles, you will soon realize that I am not trying to copy these legends, but I want to honor their legacy with my show by taking their masterpieces and present them in my own style. That means no glittering sequins, sunglasses or collars over the ears, but many legendary songs in 100% Michael O’Connor Kelly!

At the beginning I played “Legends of Music” exclusively on private parties, such as weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. But meanwhile I am regularly on public stages, starting with city festivals and Easter fires, galas like the Berlin-lights Gala 2017 or the rebranding party at the 4-star Mercure MOA Hotel Berlin, up to big events like the Tegeler Hafenfest Berlin or the Europafest in Magdeburg.

with Ireen Sheer after the show

As part of the pre-program, I have already had the honor to meet wonderful artists like Ireen Sheer, Michelle, Ingrid Arthur (The Weather Girl), Claudia Jung, Ross Anthony or Maite Kelly. A special highlight for me was to meet the original TCB band. The band that was traveling with Elvis Presley from 1969 until his death in 1977. You can not imagine how excited I was, music history at first hand 🙂

I can experience all these beautiful moments and hopefully many more, because I sing songs I love like “That’s life”, “All shook up”, “Ring of fire” or “That’s amore” and I´m blessed to share this love with my audience!

Hereyou can listen to a short medley of Legends of Music:


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