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  • Studio-Friday

    In summer 2017, I thought to myself, I’ll let you see what I’m doing in the studio and let the camera roll while I´m practising. I thought, “Oh, I´d just do that 1 or 2 times, let’s see if anyone cares! :)”. But the feedback and interest was much bigger than I ever thought. You […]

  • Legends of Music

    Legends of Music

    Everything started in 2014 with my program “Legends of Music”. At my first appearance, I just had 7 songs prepared which were originally performed by Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. Now “Legends of Music” includes over 40 titles, including songs of Sinatra, Martin and Elvis, but also artists like Johnny Cash, Dusty Springfield, […]

  • About me

    About Michael Kelly So you want to know more about me?!? Nothing easier than that 🙂 Normally, you would now read a super sophisticated promotion text about my life and work. Beautifully in 3rd form, with all the flattering phrases that you need as an artist to present yourself to the world. But no, you […]